Parking Sensor system

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    GD 20

    Car LED parking sensor system

    Digital display, with 4/6/8 sensor options
    BiBi alarm sound/voice indications
    Three-color LED display

    Auto swich while reversing.

    compact model sutable for both iported and home made cars

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    GD 20 PLUS VFD

    VFD Mirror Parking sensors

    Ultrs slim VFD Monitor

    Anti glare mirror function

    Voice/buzzer distance indiccation

    Multi stage distence displey

    Auto swich while reversing

    4/6/8 colour coded sensor options

    1 year warentee

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    GD 30

    Dash board VFD Displey parking sensor

    Colourful Dashboard mountable VFD Parking sensor

    Individual sensitivity indication

    Voice/Beep Indications

    Distence to obstecles will be showen on the monitor

    Auto swich while reversing

    Compact design,sutable for both imported and home made cars.