• Car Key Programing

    What is a Transpoder key?

    Now all the new generation cars are fitted with a transponde chip inside you keys. A broken or lost transponder car key will result in the vehicle not starting upon turning the key in the ignition.transponder chip to start the since 1995 are legally required to be fitted with an immobiliser system. These cars require a transponder key with an embedded electronic transponder chip to start the vehicle. When the key is turned in the ignition the code is read and the vehicle will start if the correct code is received.

  • What we can do?

    Autoplanet's auto locksmiths are equipped with the latest in vehicle key and remote programming equipment and are able to replace lost car keys and programme new transponder keys from the original, to the lock or from the code.

    Lost all your Keys....Dont worry

    Our Locksmith experts can come down to your place.Our mobile units can cut a new key and copy program from the ECU and bring you back to your track.

  • Windscreen Repair

    A small chip in your windscreen can quickly spread causing even more costly damage if left un-repaired. Many motorists wrongly assume that fixing a crack or chip in their windscreen means replacing the entire piece of glass. In reality most chips and cracks can be repaired.Repairing a chip in a windscreen will restore the strength of the damaged area. In fact the repair will be stronger than the undamaged glass. Repairs are permanent and you can even wash or drive your vehicle immediately after the repair.Autoplanet can repair a chip in almost any part of the windscreen. Heated and tinted screens are also covered by this service. It doesn’t take very long to repair a chip; an average repair takes 20-30 minutes to complete